Monday, April 7, 2014

Growing As A Reader

I have grown a lot this year, both physically and mentaly. I have grown a lot as a reader. At first I only read mystery fiction and fantasy fiction. Later on in the year Ms. Kelly did an activity that encouraged me to read more books. Different genres. I learned a lot more than I thought I would. Reading both fiction and non-fiction. I would like to thank Ms. Kelly for being a great teacher and help me grow as a reader.

This is the chart we had to fill out. For every genre I read I put a sticker on the chart and if I read all genres I got a prize.


At the beggining of the year I set a goal. I said that by the end of the year I had to have read 20 books.  Last year I read 15, so I wanted to challenge myself a little more. I have been working on this goal all year reading at home and in advisory, hoping that I would reach my goal. It is only quarter 3 and I have read...

Work That Needs Improvement

I need most improvement on...

The worksheet of Are competitive sports good for kids? is something I need mire improvement on. We read 2 articles with different opinions on competitive sports and then we had to do a worksheet. The first 2 steps I did a good job on. These steps were to compare the points of view of the authors who oppose and support competitive sports. The second step was to tell what evidence have the authors who support and opose competitve sportsused to make their case. But on the last step I had to write summaries of the different opinions and mine. Although I later fixed it, at firts the paragraphs were not a very good job and I didn't put my best effort on it. I could have done a better job the first time.

My Best Work

I am most proud of...

My best work done on the third quarter is my poster of Mario Gonzales Restrepo. I read a non-fiction book about the 33 Chilean miners. One of these miners was Mario Gonzales. I decided to do a body biography of him. I did my best effort to get a good grade and to do a good job. This was not only a good assignment but it was also a great learning experience.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Introduction to Manuela

English class has been very interesting and exciting. I have learned a lot of amazing things such as non-fiction reading, Oh Rats, persuasive writing, summaries on persuasive reading, reading on different types topics and a lot more fun things. I really enjoyed the 2nd quarter of english.

My Favorite Books:

  1. The Hunger Games (all the series)
  2. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  3. Burried Alive
  4. Shark Girl
  5. Matched
  6. Crossed
  7. Reached